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Writing Assignments
Critical Review

Act I

Write a 300 word essay comparing Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Find at least two passages spoken by each character that supports the points in your paper.

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are alike in many ways; however, the two are quite different in many ways.  Both are too ambitious for their own good.  The lust for power is the main force that drives them both.  Macbeth is essentially a good person.  He was brave and loyal.  This only changed after his beloved wife questions his manhood.  They both have to con or talk other people into doing things for them.  Lady Macbeth talks Macbeth into killing Duncan so that they can take over the throne. After this they both become ruthless murders.  They are unable to stop themselves from killing others.  They feel that they must do anything and everything, in order, to keep the crown.  However, at some point they both feel overwhelmed by the guilt.  Ironically, Lady Macbeth is so over come by guilt, that she ends up  taking her life.  Macbeth also dies in the end but it is my the hand of Macduff and not his own.

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