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Act II

Write a character sketch of the castle porter.  Think about how the porter differs from the other characters in the play.  Is he a serious or comical character? Jot down all the traits that make the porter special.

The porter is very different from other characters.  He adds a comical twitch to the play.  He compares himself to a porter at the gates of hell.  In Act II scene ii, someone is knocking at the door.  He takes his time and stumbles to the door, grumbling about the noise.  He was up late from drinking alcohol, without any sleep.  Macduff and Lennox complain about the slowness of the porter.  He simply jokes about what effects alcohol has on a person.
* He adds jest to the play.
* He is a everyday person.
* He is the only comical character in the tragedy.
The porter also differs from the other characters because he doesn't care what people think of him and he doesn't listen to the demands of others.  He doesn't strive to be something he's not.

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