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Shakespeare never reveals the identity of the 3rd murderer.  Who do you think he or she might be?  Write an essay supporting your theory.  Build a case using details from the play.  Use the process of elimination to exonerate some of the other characters.  Remember the 3rd murderer could have been sent by someone-even the witches-for a specific reason.  Make sure your theory has no gaps.

We believe the third murderer was Macbeth himself.  He was responsible for the deaths of many people through out the play.  Macbeth also tells Lady Macbeth that he is going out to see why Macduff didn't attend the banquet and hints that he may have to shed more blood. Macbeth is known to be a good actor.  We think that he was in disguise, that is why the other two murderers didn't know who he was.  He is also a very paranoid person who would not have intentionally let Fleance go. 
Lady Macbeth couldn't have been the third murderer because Macbeth refused to tell her that he was arranging the murder of Banquo.  She is also at the castle at the time of the murder meeting with guest.  She would not have had time to enter the woods, clean herself, and make it back in time.  Wed do not believe that Ross or Macduff were the third murderers either.  Ross was at the dinner waiting for Banquo to arrive while Macduff was in England.

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