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2. a) In Scene i, what are Banquo's thoughts about the witches' prophecies?
- He thinks they are crazy, but then they start to come true.
     b) What are Macbeth's thoughts about the prophecies?
- He didn't believe them until they began to happen.
3. a) What two people are the murderers tole to kill?
- Banquo and Fleance
     b) Why is it necessay to kill both?
- Because as long as one of them are alive they will be king, not Macbeth.
4. What goes wrong with the murderers' plans?
-Fleance escapes.
5. a) Why does Macbeth want to see the witches again?
-To find out what will happen next.
    b) What does Lady Macbeth think Macbeth needs most?
- Sleep
6. a) In Scene vi, what reason does Lennox give for Macduff's being in disgrace?
- He didn't attend the banquet.
     b) What is Macduff trying to accomplish in England?
-He is trying to put together an army.

7. Macbeth's soliloquy in Scene i shows that his attitude toward those who stand in his way has changed.  Recall the soliloquy prior to Duncan's murder.  What change or changes have occurred?
- At the beginning, he was brave and couragous, now he's killing them; there is a moral decline.
8. How does Macbeth's technique of persuading the murderers resemble  Lady Macbeth's earlier method of persuading Macbeth?
- She talked him into killing Duncan, and he talked the murderers into killing for him.
9. How has the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth changed?
-He has become withdrawn from her.
10. Events at the banquet show that Macbeth can no longer pretend to be innocent.  What evidence is there that he will continue to kill those who threaten him?
- He is in too deep and can't turn back now.

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