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Act IV

2. a) What does the first apparition tell Macbeth?
- The first apparition tells him to beware of Macduff.
     b) How does the prophecy of the second apparition seem to contradict that of the first?
- It says that no one born of a woman could harm him.  Macduff can't hurt him because he was riped from his mother's womb.
     c) What does the third apparition promise?
- He will not be vanquished until Birnam Wood meets Dunsiane Hill.
3. a) What question do the witches refuse to answer?
- What was in his future.
     b) What vision do they parade before Macbeth?
- Eight kings, the last one holding a mirror.
4. a) In his conversation with Macduff, why does Malcolm pretend to have all of Macbeth's vices and more?
- Malcolm is testing Macduff for his loyalty.
     b) What convinces Malcolm that Macduff is trustworthy?
- He said the Malcolm couldn't be king because he is lustful and greedy.
5. a) What good news about "gracious England" does ross bring Malcolm?
- The King of England gave him 10,000 soldiers.
     b) What bad news does Ross bring Malcolm?
- His family has been killed.
6. Why does Macbeth readily accept the predictions made by the second and third apparitions?
-Macduff is born of a woman and trees can't move.

7. a) In the witches' procession of kings, why do some kings carry double and triple scepters?
- It stands for England, Scotland, and Ireland which were united in 1603.
     b) Why does Banquo carry a mirror?
- Shows images of more kings.
8. a) What is Macbeth's reason for killing Macduff's wife and child?
- He killed them so there is nothing to fear from them.
     b)  How do these murders differ from the previous ones?
- No logical reason.
9. How would you describe Macbeth's character at this point in the play?
- He is mentally unstable.
10. How is Malcolm's character revealed in the diaglogue with Maccduff in Scene iii?
- Although he clains to be greedy and lustful, he is a good and caring man and when he finds out about Macduff he shows great strength and courage.
11. Based on Macduff's reaction to the murder of his wife and son, how would you describe Macduff's character?
- Admirable; he behaves noble.

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