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Writing Assignments
Critical Review

Act V

3. a) While Lady Macbeth is sleepwalking, to what three prior events does she refer?
- The death of Duncan, Banquo, and Macduff's family.
     b) To which event does she keep coming back?
- The death of Duncan.
4. a) What news does Seyton bring Macbeth in Scene v?
- Lady Macbeth is dead.
     b) What in the messenger's report makes Macbeth fear that the apparitions' second prophecy is coming true?
- He sees the woods moving.
5. a) In Scene viii why does Macbeth tell Macduff he does not wish to fight him?
- He has enough of his family's blood on his hands.
     b) What does Macduff tell Macbeth concerning the apparitions' third prophecy?
- He was ripped from his mother's womb.

6. a) Whom does Macbeth kill in the encounter with the English forces?
- Yound Siward
     b) Whom does Macduff kill?
- Macbeth
     c) At the end of the play, who is to be crowned King of Scotland?
- Malcolm
7. Why do you think it is an "accustomed action" for Lady Macbeth to wash her hands while sleepwalking?
- She was trying to wash the blood off.
8. a) Why does Macbeth remain confident of surviving the battle with Malcolm's army despite his own troops' desertion?
- He couldn't think of anyone else who was not born of a woman.
     b) Judging by the way Macbeth behaves in Scene iii, describe his state of mind.
- He is struggling with his emotions.
9. What changes in his personality is Macbeth describing in Scene v, lines 9-14?
- He has no more emotions.
10. Why does Macbeth say, " She should have died hereafter," upon learning of the death of Lady Macbeth?
- She would have died anyways.
11. Macbeth, mad and murderous though he is, shows certain admirable traits to the very end.  What are some of his better traits?
- He shows courage and bravery by fighting to the end.

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