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I liked Shakespeare's Macbeth. It has the same elements that we use today in our modern television and movies. It has action, murder, revenge, betrayal, and mystical characters. It tells about the fall of the ambitious couple, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Macbeth is the tragic hero, a character who has a fatal flaw within himself that he cannot change. He is not a bad person; he is just too ambitious. Macbeth is a story about the murder of a king by one of his trusted subjects, three witches who plot against Macbeth, and Macbeth's rise and fall. Macbeth is an interesting character to follow. As you read, you can see how he has changed. We first meet Macbeth as a brave soldier and later find him as a murderer who kills everyone who is in his way of the throne. Lady Macbeth is also a well-developed character. She is conniving and ruthless. Macbeth never would have killed Duncan if his wife hadn't talked him into it. Once a happily married couple, now they become withdrawn from each other. As a result of their first murder (King Duncan), it is neccessary for them to continue to kill. Ambition and lust for power become their main focus. If Macbeth wants to keep the throne, then he must kill everyone who stands in his way. That is until someone finally decides to stand up for what is right. Malcolm and Macduff lead the English army to overthrow a long over due Macbeth. However, Macbeth isn't worried because he foolishly takes the witches' second predictions literally. He thinks that since everything is born of a woman and trees can't move then everything will be ok for him. Fortunatly, he was wrong. After Macduff killed him, the throne was rightfully given over to a just ruler, Malcolm.

*Prentice Hall Literature