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Vocabulary Words
Vocabulary Words
Blank Verse
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Critical Review

Act I

Furbished- Brightened; polished
Prophetic- Having the power to predict or foreshadow
Liege- A lord or king
Sovereign- Supreme in power, rank, or authority
Metaphysical- Very abstract
Chastise- To condemn sharply; scold
Surmise- To guess, assume; to form an opinion from inconclusive evidenc

Act II

Augment- To make greater; enlarge
Predominance- Superiority
Anointed- Declared sacred
Stealthy- In a quiet, secretive way; sly; furtive
Equivocate-  To tell falsehoods
Palpable- Capable of being touched or felt
Multitudinous- Existing in great numbers


Indissoluble- Not able to be dissolved or undone
Malevolence- Ill will; spitefulness
Informity- Physical or mental defect
Dauntless- Fearless

Act IV

Pernicious- Causing serious injury; deadly; evil; wicked
Judicious- Having or showing good judgment
Sundry- Various; miscellaneous
Intemperance- Given to rash or hasty action; doing things on the spur of the moment; tending to act impulsively; without thinking
Avarice- Greed

Act V

Pertubation- A disorder
Pristine- Pure; untouched; unspoiled
Clamorous- Noisy
Harbingers- Forerunner


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